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Send and receive payments in hundreds of digital coins with our upcoming cryptocurrency payment gateway

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A recent survey from Visa reveals that nearly 24% of small and medium businesses are ready to accept crypto payments. Times have changed, and cryptocurrency payments are steadily building their credibility as businesses discover their many benefits.

PayAABB, a crypto payment gateway, developed by Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC:AABB), will connect with the rest of the AABB solutions to provide a highly lucrative tool for both businesses and customers.

Accept payments online and offline in 400+ digital coins.

Have Your Business Stand Out with PayAABB

Supports cross-border transactions and instant payments.

Platform is 99.95% secure, protected with a SSL certificate, Google 2FA, Google Authenticator and encrypted with other security features developed by AABB.

All transactions are practically irreversible, hence no chargeback risk for your business.

Quick & easy setup. Add it as a plugin in your existing online shop, use as an app when on the go.

No hardware required. No merchant fees.

Phone-to-phone transactions.

Doesn’t require the approval of third parties and intermediaries.

Accept payments for B2B and B2C transactions.

Set up referral programs to entice other merchants to use PayAABB. Get paid with each transaction.

Connect Your PayAABB Payment Gateway to our Proprietary AABB Exchange

Accept 400+ cryptocurrencies but receive only one stablecoin in your AABB Wallet with automatic conversions using our AABB Exchange. Avoid paying gas fees and dealing with multiple digital assets.

Your customers can pay using any preferred crypto, the crypto will then be automatically converted to your crypto of choice in our exchange and then deposited directly into your crypto wallet.

  • Zero deposit fees
  • Tied to the AABB Wallet
  • Multi-level security with passphrase and PIN code protection
  • KYC/AML procedures
  • Over 60 trading pairs
  • Over 400 cryptocurrencies listed

How Your Customers Benefit From PayAABB

Customers can pay for products and services with crypto at retail locations

Customers can pay using any social messenger.

Customers can pay via email, SMS or QR Code.

Customers can send funds instantly with the tap of a button.

Customers can pay with crypto on any online ecommerce platform.

Customer can pay your invoice online.

How It Works Online

Register for a PayAABB account, pass KYC protocol, and get access to your very own portal.

Create a unique key for each of your online stores. There are no restrictions on how many stores you can add.

Set up accepted crypto, location, and currency for each store.

Select your website from our list of compatible platforms and download the integrated PayAABB plugin.

Configure the plugin in your Shopping Cart area to start accepting crypto payments.

When a user wishes to pay with crypto, they select the payment option and proceed to pay with a QR code. Your store receives confirmation.

Get paid on the go!

Open the PayAABB app, enter the payment amount in local fiat and select the crypto you wish to accept. A QR code is then generated for your customer.

About Asia Broadband, Inc.

Established in 1996, Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC:AABB) is a high-margin resource company focused on the production, supply, and sale of precious and base metals to primarily Asian markets.

In March 2021, Asia Broadband launched a gold-backed cryptocurrency, using $30 million of its gold bullion as collateral with the goal of becoming a worldwide standard of exchange that is secured and trusted thanks to its unique mine-to-token vertical integration.

AABB embraces a pioneering philosophy with its unique Mine-to-Token vertical integration operational approach that strives toward complete independence from FIAT currency.

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PayAABB is the proprietary cryptocurrency payment gateway of Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB), a resource company focused on the manufacture, supply, and sale of precious and base metals, mainly to Asian markets.

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