Become a PayAABB Affiliate & Earn a Side Income!

Receive commission by getting merchants to sign up for PayAABB

How it Works

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Sign up through the referral form and get instant access to your referral link.


When a merchant clicks on your affiliate referral link and connects PayAABB to their store, they become your "merchant customer".


You earn a commission percentage of the transaction fee that a merchant client pays for selling their product or service.

Affiliate Program FAQ

To join the program, you need to register on PayAABB. Inside your account, you will find the amount of commission you earn, as well as a referral link.

Yes, the PayAABB Affiliate Program is completely free to join.

The PayAABB affiliate program offers you an easy way to earn commission on any merchant transactions. The total client activity of all your referrals counts towards your affiliate dividend.

Your commission will be in the same cryptocurrency used in your referred user’s blockchain payment transaction. It will be deposited to your AABB Wallet by default. You can withdraw funds at any time yourself.

Yes, a commission will be paid. Any type of transactions is eligible, except for the cost of blockchain transactions (gas free).

PayAABB is the proprietary cryptocurrency payment gateway of Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB), a resource company focused on the manufacture, supply, and sale of precious and base metals, mainly to Asian markets.

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