Accept Cryptocurrency Payments!

“Quick and Simple Crypto Payments” Make Instant Payments Using PayAABB!
PayAABB Merchant Solution is A Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
Offer your customers & users Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash & more as a payment option!!
Have Your Business Stand out with PayAABB
Expand Your PayAABB Payment Gateway with our Exchange

With our AABB Exchange, you will immediately be able to exchange your received crypto to stablecoins. Integrating AABB Exchange alongside PayAABB will immediately increase your business’ reputation on the market. It will allow users and clients to trade crypto coins/tokens, opening an additional revenue stream for your business!

Allow Your Customers to pay Freely and Simply!
Integrating PayAABB, customers will be able to:
Pay for products and services at retail locations.
Pay through any social messengers.
Pay via email and SMS, alongside via QR Code.
Send funds instantly with the tap of a button.
Take part in loyalty programs, decreasing customer turnover.
How Does PayAABB’s Payment Gateway Work?
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Are you Looking for a Payment Gateway Solution? PayAABB Will Help you!
Customer satisfaction – the platform is very easy to use with a sleek user interface. This makes the payment process easily understandable for non-tech savvy clientele
Instant payments – receive your funds immediately after the client has paid, no need to wait.
Global expansion – don’t limit your sales to only local transactions. Cryptocurrencies are for global use, just like PayAABB
No chargebacks – all cryptocurrency transactions are practically irreversible, hence no chargeback risk for your business
Available Plugins

See below supported plugins that can be used with PayAABB. Installation is quick and easy.